Tecno Plus


6 cm viscoelastic core with a density of 50 kg.

Características del producto
  • 22 cm profiled mattress.
  • Composed of a 6 cm viscoelastic core of 50 kg of temperature and pressure sensitive density plus 16 cm HR D35 to obtain the
  • necessary firmness, avoiding lateral displacements.
  • The viscoelastic mattresses have only one useful side for sleeping, you only have to turn it from head to toe.
  • They adapt ergonomically to the body.
  • Latest generation reinforced micro-perforated foam that helps the mattress to breathe.
  • Robotised cuts for better breathability and ergonomics.
  • Removable mattress cover.
  • 4 horizontal handles for easy handling of the mattress.
  • Maximum height 28 cm.

Composition of the cover:

Top Cover

  • 360 gr/m2 white stretch fabric with 1.5 cm viscoelastic and 150 gr. closed circuit fibre, plus 0.8 cm. foam rubber.
  • Quilted in capitonné.
  • 30 gr/m2 TNT lining.

Lower cover

  • Stretch fabric of 360 gr/m2 with 150 gr fibre.
  • 30 gr. TNT lining.


  • White stretch fabric with silver embroidery.
  • 4 horizontal embroidered handles, to facilitate the handling of the mattress.
  • 30 gr/m2 TNT lining.
  • Double white piping