Formas descanso

Formas Descanso is an innovative and leading company in the manufacture of rest systems, aimed at health and increasing quality of life.
It is essential for everyone to have a quality rest, as it will have an impact on their daily life. At Formas Descanso, we design and manufacture all our rest systems with ergonomic criteria, that is to say, we study the conditions of adaptability of our rest systems to the people who are going to use them, and on the other hand, we implement them with environmental sustainability criteria. For our company, it is an essential requirement to manufacture under the premise of quality. This has an impact on the durability of the products, increasing their effective use time. Formas Descanso continues to manufacture with the same guarantee as always, and that is that “Quality can be felt”.

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When design and technology come together in perfect harmony, relaxation is guaranteed! 

Make the right choice, choose your dream bed, electric articulated beds for more comfort and functionality, enjoy your rest!