20 cm profiled mattress, composed of a 6 cm viscoelastic core of 50 kg density.

Características del producto
  • 20 cm profiled mattress.
  •  Composed of a 6 cm viscoelastic core of 50 kg density, sensitive to temperature and pressure, plus 14 cm HR D30 to obtain the necessary firmness.
  • It is the combination of this HR material that provides the balance and firmness of the mattress.
  • The viscoelastic mattresses only have one side useful for sleeping, in this case you only have to turn it from head to toe.
  • They adapt ergonomically to the body.
  • Removable mattress cover.
  • Total height 25,5 cm.

Composition of cover:

  • Top cover Soft 1.5 filler + 150 g wadding + 0.9 cm foam, 100% polyester stretch fabric 280 g/m2.


  • Same stretch fabric as in the upper cover with a 3D band sewn on the upper part of the wall, plus decorative tape.

Bottom cover

  • White 3D padded with 150 grs /m2 wadding.
  • Double black piping.