Electric articulated bed
In this type of bed the slats are mounted on Hytrel supports.
These supports are made of high quality elastomer and thermoplastic material, which
thermoplastic material, which offer the characteristics of flexibility and elastic memory as well as
elastic memory as well as mechanical and friction resistance properties.
friction properties. They are used for the lumbar supports and lumbar adjusters of the slat base.

Características del producto


  • High impact resistance, optimal durability and maintenance.
  • Reinforced bed base for optimum performance.
  • Reinforced and high resistance articulation planes to support the weight, when the articulation plane of the feet is elevated.
  • Steel tubular structure 50 x 20 mm, thermosetting epoxy enamelled.


  • Steel tubular bed 30 x 20 mm enamelled in thermosetting epoxy.
  • 24 slats in natural beech wood, flexible plywood with engraved aluminium foil covering. The beech wood slats are of higher quality and resistance. They withstand humidity and weight better.
  •  Slats mounted on a double oscillating Hytrel support, which offer great elasticity and resistance to deformation.
  • elasticity and resistance to deformation. They allow the slats to adapt to
  • to adapt to the different weights of the body.
  • Five planes articulated by double motor with wireless control. Plane fixed lumbar plane, which in turn incorporates double slats, and special sliders for firmness adjustment firmness adjustment.
  •  The cursors, when moved across the slats, allow us to vary the firmness. By moving the slats away from each other, more firmness is obtained, and by moving them closer together, more adaptability is obtained.more adaptability.
  •  Set of metal legs.